Loitin (Fluconazole)
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Loitin (Fluconazole)

Indications: Loitin (Fluconazole) is an azole antifungal used to treat or prevent fungal infections. It may also be used to prevent infections after bone marrow transplant. Consult your physician for further Loitin (Fluconazole) applications. Click for more Loitin details.

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Also known as: Beagyne, Diflucan, Elazor, Fcn, F-Con, Fluconazol, Fluconazola, Forcan, Neofomiral, Triflucan, Zoldicam, Fluconazole (generic name).

A brand of Loitin labelled as Diflucan (Generic) is at Quick Ship Pills

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceQuick Ship Pills
Diflucan (Generic)50mg30 pills£65.00Order
Diflucan (Generic)50mg60 pills£89.68Order
Diflucan (Generic)50mg90 pills£114.36Order
Diflucan (Generic)100mg30 pills£65.00Order
Diflucan (Generic)100mg60 pills£97.90Order
Diflucan (Generic)100mg90 pills£122.59Order
Diflucan (Generic)150mg30 pills£81.45Order
Diflucan (Generic)150mg60 pills£114.36Order
Diflucan (Generic)150mg90 pills£130.81Order
Diflucan (Generic)200mg30 pills£89.68Order
Diflucan (Generic)200mg60 pills£122.59Order
Diflucan (Generic)200mg90 pills£139.04Order

A brand of Loitin labelled as Diflucan, Flucobeta made by Betapharm, Flucodrug, Fluconazol by Qualigen, Aliud Pharma, Fresenius Kabi Deutschland, Apotex Espańa, Lyomark Pharma, Hexal, Ranbaxy, and Alleman Pharma, Fluconazole Redibag/Baxter Sol.Iv.Inf, Fluconazol-Gry made by Teva, Flucoran produced by Vocate, Flunazul Derm + Gyn by Dr.R.Pfleger, Fungo manufactured by Verisfield Uk Ltd, Fungustatin, Hadlinol, Medoflucon, and Opumyk are at Goldpharma

Diflucan50 mg35ml suspension£15.24Order
Diflucan200 mg35ml suspension£49.64Order
Flucobeta50 mg100 capsules£140.97Order
Flucobeta100 mg100 capsules£279.22Order
Flucobeta200 mg50 capsules£279.07Order
Flucodrug100 mg7 capsules£15.18Order
Fluconazol50 mg7 capsules£15.21Order
Fluconazol50 mg10 capsules£37.47Order
Fluconazol50 mg30 capsules£73.80Order
Fluconazol100 mg10x50ml solution, injectable for infusion£204.58Order
Fluconazol150 mg4 capsules£23.42Order
Fluconazol200 mg10x100ml£356.18Order
Fluconazol400 mg5x200ml solution, injectable for infusion£443.29Order
Fluconazol400 mg10x200ml£536.49Order
Fluconazol Basics50 mg14 capsules£41.10Order
Fluconazol Basics50 mg20 capsules£51.60Order
Fluconazol Basics50 mg28 capsules£65.62Order
Fluconazol Basics100 mg10 capsules£52.49Order
Fluconazol Basics100 mg20 capsules£88.36Order
Fluconazol Basics150 mg10 capsules£63.07Order
Fluconazol Basics200 mg20 capsules£161.01Order
Fluconazol Claris100 mg50ml infusion£27.27Order
Fluconazol Claris200 mg100ml solution, injectable for infusion£47.84Order
Fluconazol Claris400 mg200ml solution, injectable for infusion£77.84Order
Fluconazole Redibag/Baxter Sol.Iv.Inf100 mg1 solution, injectable for infusion£8.30Order
Fluconazol-Gry100 mg30 capsules£130.76Order
Flucoran150 mg14 capsules£49.13Order
Flunazul Derm + Gyn150 mg5 capsules£42.65Order
Fungo200 mg7 capsules£21.05Order
Fungo Or. Sol5 mg/ml150ml solution£15.98Order
Fungustatin150 mg1 capsules£6.29Order
Hadlinol100 mg14 capsules£22.54Order
Medoflucon150 mg7 capsules£24.57Order
Opumyk14 mg14 capsules£22.56Order

A brand of Loitin labelled as DIFLUCAN and FLUCONAZOLE are at Dokter Online

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceDokter Online
DIFLUCAN150 mg1 caps£34.29Order
FLUCONAZOLE150 mg1 caps£34.29Order

A brand of Loitin labelled as Canesten Duo Cream And Cap, Fcn, F-Con, Flucan Dermal, Flucan Vaginal, Fluconazole, Fluzole, Forcan, and Zocon are at Freedom Pharmacy

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceFreedom Pharmacy
Canesten Duo Cream And Cap150 mg/10 mg/ gm1 cap / 10gm tube£77.67Order
Fcn150 mg cap10£71.64Order
F-Con50 mg40 tablets£78.13Order
Flucan Dermal150 mg2 capsules£70.65Order
Flucan Vaginal150 mg5£118.39Order
Fluconazole50 mg28 tablets£70.94Order
Fluconazole200 mg28 tablets£129.54Order
Fluzole50 mg21 capsules£88.80Order
Fluzole50 mg42 capsules£147.99Order
Fluzole50 mg84 capsules£264.41Order
Fluzole150 mg7 capsules£80.51Order
Fluzole150 mg15caps£138.12Order
Forcan200 mg40 tablets£123.41Order
Zocon100 mg2 x 40 tablets£130.89Order
Zocon100 mg4 x 40 tablets£222.34Order
Zocon100 mg40 tablets£95.06Order

Prices shown are for comparative purposes, converted from $USD at current rates.

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